McGuigian needed to stand out in the wine category. Nothing was working for them so we revolutionised the category.

Blend is a new store, a brand and an innovation in the wine category. Not to mention a unique answer to a wine brand brief.

Blend is a place where you can go and choose the type and amount of wine varietals you want and have it blended, bottled and labeled by professional wine makers quickly, easily and relatively cheaply.

The process is simple. You walk into Blend surrounded by large steel vats of various wine varietals. You grab an empty bottle and then choose the type and amount of wine you want. A unique and personalised wine experience and product every time.

Inside Blend there is endless choice but also endless help. The walls are covered in recommendations of top chefs, top wine makers and the current top ten. Every customer gets an account to see what they had last time. This account would also allow them online + instore acces to see what the chef at their chosen restaurant recommends or even what Gordon Ramsay drinks.

If you have no idea or a lot of ideas everything and everyone at blend will ensure you walk out with a great, unique bottle of wine.