In Africa 'Always use a mosquito net' or 'Wear a condom' or 'Send your children to school' are vital messages that haven't been getting through. Mainly, as there are few reliable media channels. But there is one thing that people walk miles to see - Football. This idea is to incorporate these messages into Premiere League matches via goal celebration dances. When players score a goal they do a themed celebration dance and the spots below ran in breaks during games.
With the likes of Drogba from Chelsea, Song and Eboe from Arsenal and Crouchy from Tottenham happy to partake we realised that this wouldn't only be great at sending a message to African people but also to everyone who watched English Football. So we created a brand. A brand by Footballers, for Footballers, all on one big team - Footballers United.Anyone can join Footballers United. In Africa you join by using a mosquito net or wearing a condom. In London you join by buying Footballers United products or signing up for the annual allstar game.
We created a brand with a logo that could change according to your favorite team colours. And a range of products sold in western countries that offset the cost of all important products in Africa.
A non-deflateable ball with the dances printed on the sides. Sold in the UK to pay for handouts in Africa.
UK school supplies to pay for school supplies in Africa.
Football nets in The UK to pay for mosquito nets in Africa.