A few years ago I found some beautiful old photos that my Grandpa took on his adventures. Since then this project has turned into one of the best things I've ever done. Even landing me on the Today show. Probably the best explanation is to go to the website -
I created this site to ask people if they knew any of the locations in my Grandpa's photos.
The response was literally overwhelming, in the best possible way.
In the first week of launch I lucked out and was picked up by Fast Company magazine. Then all sorts of newspapers all over the world. Then hundreds of blogs and sites. The emails I recieved hourly were so heartfelt and helpful. I had hoped to find maybe 25/50 of Grandpa's Photos. After one week I had 45/50, found.
Links to some of the press:

Fast Company
Huffington Post
The Dail Mail - UK
Le Monde - France
La Republica - Italy
Die Zeit - Germany

Becasue of the huge response I was then able to go on a trip to visit each place Grandpa took his photos, retake most of them and find out more about my Grandpa. To try and explain how great this was is kind of impossible.
Along the way I updated the site adding new photos and stories. You can scroll between Grandpa's photos and my new versions on the site
I'm hoping to find the last missing photos and do even more with this project.