In the UK, people love the Post Office but no one uses it.
It's like the Queen. They love her but they don't want to hang out with her.

To get people back into the Post Office to use the myriad of services they provide the idea was to create a threat. A threat to the precious UK Post Office, a threat to national pride.

The idea is to launch a German Post Office in the UK.

The way to fight 'Ze-Germans' is with your wallet at the UK Post Office.
After all, even the Deutschland Post ads say that the UK Post's products are better.

Deutschland Post will have stores, an ad campaign and be everything that the British Post Office isn't - Cold, clinical, efficient and German.

The UK Post Office would retaliate with it's own campaign asking people to fight 'Ze-Germans'

'Get Post Office travel insurance to fight 'Ze-Germans''. Getting people to love The UK Post Office for what it is - old, stoic and most importantly, British.